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Faith healing vs. tiger blood

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Oregon children win. Wisconsins lose. Charlie Sheen does both and I’m shamelessly promoting my newspaper’s new website (but at least I do that after the jump.) Here’s the Thursday news roundup!

Oregon House unanimously votes to end faith healing exception
By Ryan Kost/ The Oregonian (Portland, Ore.)

One of last year’s more horrifying stories was that of Alayna Wyland, the 10-month-old Clackamas County child who was denied treatment of hemangioma — an abnormal buildup of blood vessels that covered here eyes for months and left her nearly blind — because her parents, Timothy and Rebecca Wyland, didn’t believe in Western medicine. The girl’s parents are members of the Followers of Christ Church, an organization that “emphasizes belief in the Lord Jesus Christ and His blood sacrifice for our salvation by grace, through repentance and faith.”

Timothy (left) and Rebecca Wyland appear in court as defendants in the case where they were charged with criminal mistreatment of a child. Photo by Randy Rasmussen of The Oregonian.

That means they don’t believe in no stinkin’ doctors. As long as you lay your hands in the right place and use the right oils, things will turn out fine, right? Wrong. The Wylands lost their child and await sentencing.

Now, the Oregon House has approved a bill that removes legal protection for parents who choose to abstain from treating their children medically and opt to go with faith healing. It’s a shame, then, that some of the folks who voted in favor of the bill’s passage are a bit skeptical about it.

Yamhill County Rep. Jim Weidner said he worried “we might be heading down a slippery slope.” Earlier in the day he had prayed about his son’s tonsillitis. His wife then took the boy to the doctor for treatment. “Am I going to go to prison because I took the time to pray with my child?” Weidner said.

No, Jim. You took your kid to the doctor. Pray all you want, but you know for a fact that it won’t help unless your son sees a professional.

Wisconsin assembly approves bargaining curbs
By Monica Davey/ The New York Times

Looks like Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has done it. His wish to destroy the concept of union negotiation is closer to fruition now that the state assembly has voted to pass a law that would end public workers’ right to collective bargaining 53-42 today. After hours of debate — while Dems jeered and folks chanted “shame!” after the meeting after GOP representatives — it looks like public workers in Wisconsin will be getting the shaft.

Some Democratic senators went so far as to flee to neighboring states in order to avoid having a quorum so a vote couldn’t take place. Later in the month, Walker received a call from Buffalo Beast Editor Ian Murphy disguised as Ed Koch, the famed corporate mogul. The results? Well, we got to see just how despicable the GOP governor really is.

Walker presented the proposal as a cost-cutting measure. There’s no doubt it’ll earn him points with tea baggers and the corporate crowd, but taking away peoples’ rights to negotiate working conditions seems to counter a certain document the former party is pretty hell-bent on protecting. Or does it only apply when someone’s trying to introduce gun control laws?

Charlie Sheen sues Warner Bros., Chuck Lorre for $100 million
Company Town/ The Los Angeles Times

He was the highest-paid actor on a currently-running sitcom before he got himself fired after rants about wizards and tiger blood. After the “Two and a Half Men” star was fired by producer Chuck Lorre and CBS, he’s been very much in the public eye, granting interviews with myriad media outlets and even going so far as to solicit applications for a “winning” intern.

Via Twitter, of course.



Some people say it’s sad to see the media prey on a man who’s worked so hard to establish his own empire and that he should simply be left alone. My take? As long as he’s willing to talk, let’s hear him out. He’s given us great material already and I feel the Emilio Estevez meme has a lot of potential.

He sure did!

On A Side Note | New site is a sight
Eder Campuzano/ The Torch (Eugene, Ore.)

Shameless self promotion is the pillar of good journalism. Well, it isn’t really, but it’s the only way you’ll ever get a job in the industry. Or any other job, for that matter. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to the old, but the new site is leaps and bounds above what we had before. You can blame College Publisher and its archaic format. Or you can visit the new site and enjoy. I hope you do the latter.

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