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Mr. Campuzano goes to GDC

In Uncategorized on January 11, 2012 at 9:00 am

Yesterday I completed one crucial step toward my goal of being a games journalist. I thought it would take a bit more begging and prying on my part to convince professors and fellow Flux editors to let me miss an entire week of class in the ninth week of the term, but my request was greeted with nothing short of enthusiasm and support from all of them.

With that, I’ll cut to the chase: I’m covering Game Developers Conference for DualShockers this year.

That means four days of speeches, demos, sneak peeks and more industry networking than you can shake a stick or Wii remote at. This is one of the biggest games conferences there is, but I couldn’t ask for a better place to start. And the fact that my editors trust me enough to cut me loose on the floor and represent the brand means all sorts of mushy stuff I won’t get into now.

This is an amazing opportunity, one that one of my Gateway instructors — don’t worry, I won’t give you away, Dan — said I’d be stupid not to take. And I’m not just excited because I’ll get to immerse myself in the games business for a week, either. The majority of what I write for This Is Not An Exit will give you a look at my thoughts and exploits as a journalism student at the University of Oregon. In a couple of years it might even follow my fledgling career as a brand new reporter.

This is a rare opportunity for me to really get into the games journalism business, and I intend to let you in on as much as possible. Of course, there will be embargoes on information and 100 percent of the news from the event will be posted at DualShockers, but you’ll get to read about the experience as I see it (well, DualShockers will also get first dibs on that.)

As I’ve said before, this blog is primarily an outlet for my thoughts and a way for me to record my growth as a writer, storyteller and journalist. Part of that means chronicling as much as possible. From what I’ve heard from some of you, doing so has helped you as much as it’s helped me so far, so I’m going to do what I can to maintain that and set the bar high.

I’ll set off for San Francisco for the event’s kickoff by March 5 and I’ll be there until the ninth. Expect plenty of real-time updates via Twitter during my adventure. I don’t know what projects, tests or other assignments I’ll need to take care of before that, but I’m up to the challenge. It’s the freaking Game Developers Conference, for god’s sake.

So, now that we’ve got all that serious stuff out of the way, let me say: Four whole days of games and journalism? Really? What have I done to deserve this?

But what do YOU think?

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