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The truth behind my late nights in LIB 366

In Uncategorized on June 5, 2012 at 8:00 am

Have you ever felt like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day (you know, doomed to repeat the same sequence of events for what seems like eternity)? I’m certainly channeling that sentiment right now.

It’s approximately 3:30 a.m. I’m in a computer lab on a college campus working on a publication with a rag-tag group of student journalists, all of whom were hand-picked to take part in a project because of their skills in different areas. Imagine, if you will, that we call ourselves The Avengers of student journalism. Okay, so I might be the only one on staff to slap that label on us.

No, it’s not 2005 and I’m not in the Linfield Review lab in Renshaw Hall in McMinnville. I’ve grown up a bit since then, learned a few lessons and achieved something none of my friends could have imagined back in those days—I got my driver’s license. Even though most everything in my life has changed, I’m still experiencing the same sensation I felt during those marathon production sessions for The Veritas so many years ago.

Back then a few friends and I created our own newspaper when the restrictions set forth by our adviser at McMinnville High School came to be too much. We wanted to write about sex, drugs and rock and roll (in an innocent attempt to reveal the dangers of such practices, of course). None of us was content to work within the confines set forth by the label “high school journalist.” No, we wanted to do some real reporting. We wanted to ruffle some feathers, expose ourselves to libel suits, and prove that we weren’t just students, dammit: We were professionals in training.

Well, it’s four versions of InDesign CS later and I’m still channeling that mentality. Maybe it’s because I’m again working with several individuals whose aspirations reach higher than that of your average student journalist. We’re also pulling late-night editing and layout sessions in a cramped computer lab while our peers dream of doing things by the book.

We’re OR Magazine, developing content exclusively for the iPad. We’re not about painting by numbers or playing it safe. We’re here to push the boundaries of journalism as we’ve learned them and exploring how best to translate our skills to a new medium.

When my friends and I holed up in Renshaw Hall for 36 hours at a time to put together a renegade newspaper, our biggest goal was to be taken seriously as journalists. Now that my contemporaries at OR and I have made names for ourselves in various areas of the trade, it’s time to tackle a different beast. We know we can do the work. It’s all about venturing off the beaten path now.

It’s funny how history repeats itself sometimes.

But what do YOU think?

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